Young Republicans CRFRI Chairman Endorsement

The Rhode Island Young Republican board unanimously voted to endorse Ed Tarnowski as the candidate for the office of Chairman of the College Republican Federation of Rhode Island. Ed has proven to be a continuous supporter of Conservatism within the Rhode Island Republican Party. As the President and Founder of the recently revived URI College Republicans, Mr. Tarnowski has displayed an ability to lead and build an organization from the ground up.

Ed Tarnowski is a lifelong Rhode Island resident, graduating from Scituate High School. He is a currently a student at the University of Rhode Island, studying Political Science and Business. Ed has repeatedly shown his love for our great state through and through. In addition to his dedication to Rhode Island, Republicanism, and founding the revival of URI College Republicans, Ed has also served as the Chairman of the Washington County Young Republicans.

We most admire Mr. Tarnowski for his selfless volunteer work. He has stepped up as the Youth Outreach Director for a local Gubernatorial Campaign. His determination, and ability to handle the schedule he holds should be an inspiration for all. Ed has dedicated countless hours to many thankless, but highly necessary, positions with our party. Ed’s ability to keep a positive outlook is what allows others to believe that dedicating oneself to Republicanism is not a lost cause in Rhode Island.

It is with proud enthusiasm that the Rhode Island Young Republicans support Ed Tarnowski as our party’s candidate for the office of Chairman of the College Republican Federation of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Young Republicans Stand in Support of the Second Amendment

On Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, Rhode Islanders flocked to the State House to show their support for the Second Amendment. The Rhode Island Young Republicans had over a dozen members in attendance throughout the building signing in favor and opposition to legislation as well as testifying in the Senate and House. Among this group was Providence County Chair Aaron Wilcox, and Communication James Piccolino.


Aaron Wilcox asks, “Shall not be infringed. Do these four words sound familiar? If they do then you are familiar with the second amendment to the United States Constitution.” The right to bear arms is a natural right protect to us as free law abiding citizens and is not up for debate. We do not believe it is outdated or irrelevant in today’s society as tyranny and oppression are still as prevalent today as it has been throughout our history. Wilcox follows with stating how disgusted he is over, “people standing on the graves of victims to further push a false narrative that gun control works.” While Aaron was at the State House, he was able to listen to testimony both in favor and opposition to banning “assault weapons.” Aarons take away from listening to both sides of this debate was, “Those unfamiliar with the term ‘assault weapons’ don’t understand that is it a pejorative description to make people feel afraid when in reality, any type of weapon can be used to assault someone.”


James Piccolino who is also very engaged on this issue believes many in attendance felt, “this is the last stand in the face of relentless opposition and gun control advocacy.” James was able to get into the State House just before the lines started to grow. James told us that, “after a short time the line to enter the State House was already far outside the doors, down the street, and yellow t-shirts were quickly sold out.” Piccolino spoke with the Pro-Second Amendment organizers that informed him this rally was by far the largest turnout they have ever seen. James tells of the excitement and surprised looks being visible on many of their faces over the turnout. While James was checking social media, he noticed some anti-constitutionalist posting that they were “vastly out numbered” and they were “seated in the hearing room, shaking.”


As the session moves along, the Rhode Island Young Republicans will be looking at opposing any bills that infringe upon our inalienable rights, and further pushes the Progressive agenda within our state. Our group is about having fun engaging in politics from the State House to the Campaign trails. Together, we will be successful in our efforts to make Rhode Island a more free state to live, work, and raise a family.


YR’s looks forward to the 2018 Election Cycle


March 6th, 2018 – The Rhode Island Young Republicans just held their election for the 2018 executive officers. We are very excited about the organization’s new leadership and direction. We are having a March Membership Drive as our first order of business on Friday, March 23rd at Patrick’s Pub in Providence, RI. 

As we start to look forward to the 2018 election cycle we would like to take a minute to thank the previous board members that dedicated many hours to building the RI Young Republican’s and putting us in a position to have a direct effect on the upcoming campaigns. We would also like to wish them all the best in their future endeavors and hope that they will be available for advice and guidance as we move forward.

A large portion of the board has remained intact including Membership Liaison Lacey Sheldon, National Committeeman Robert Ensign, Providence County Chairman Aaron Wilcox, Washington County Chairman Ed Tarnowski, Washington County Vice Chair Mariah McDonald, Newport/Bristol County Chairman Will Grapentine, and Communications Cory Pacheco.

Newly elected officers include Chairman Jonathan Keith, Vice Chairman Luis Vargas, Treasurer Stefan Cox, Secretary Annie-Lorie Hogan, National Committeewoman Kalasia Richer, and Communications James Piccolino.

Starting this week, our board will be contacting our membership to prepare for the next steps in making Rhode Island a state focused on limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal freedom. We are positioning ourselves in stark contrast to the Progressive Democratic agenda. We believe that the majority of Rhode Island does not want to live in a socialistic environment. 

We will be setting up meetings with many political candidates, local business, as well as other community organization to discuss their needs and how we can help bring them to fruition. 

The Rhode Island Young Republicans understand the importance of this election and believe that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to correct a lot of the things we, as an organization, see as failures within our state.