Bobby Nardolillo Announces his run for U.S. Senate!

Bobby Nardolillo Announces his run for U.S. Senate!

Monday May 15th 2017 from 6PM to 8PM
Coventry VFW Hall 29 S. Main St. Coventry

Press Information
For Immediate Release
For More Contact May 4th, 2017
Mark Zaccaria
Tel: 401. 225.5051

Sheldon Whitehouse, Swamp Dweller

Providence: State Rep Bobby Nardolillo reacted today to reports out of Washington that Rhode Island’s Junior Senator, Mr. Whitehouse, was working the system for personal political gains. Specifically, DC media outlets, including Politico, covered the RI Senator’s refusal to sign-on to an invitation to testify which was sent to former US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. The invitation was made by the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee investigating Russia’s interference with the 2016 election. Whitehouse is the ranking member and his refusal to endorse his Sub-Committee’s efforts to pursue its mandate is a departure from the norm, even in a polarized US Senate.

Representative Nardolillo, himself a candidate for the seat now occupied by Mr. Whitehouse, had one simple question for the hard working, tax paying men and women of Rhode Island. “Want to know why DC doesn’t work?” His answer was equally simple. “Because officials like Sen. Whitehouse consistently put their own political needs above the real needs of all Americans.”

In a prepared statement the Challenger went on to say. “Our Senator ignored his duties on the leadership of an investigative committee to obstruct the work that was demanded of it by his own party.” Nardolillo contends that action was contrary to the duty the Senator has to serve the people of his state and nation. Bobby Nardolillo had one further question for the Voters of his home state. “If your Senator fulfills the duties of his office only when it suits him politically, is he doing the job you hired him to do?”

Bobby Nardolillo is a working Rhode Islander, born and bred, who is taking time out to run for the US Senate because of his conviction that government at all levels has failed its taxpaying constituents. He intends to build on his two terms in the General Assembly to bring both legislative experience and new blood to Washington, DC. Follow his campaign on the web at, or on Facebook at ‘Bobby 4 Senate 2018.’


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