Candace Owens is Coming To Rhode Island

For Immediate Release


Major National Figure To Speak In the Ocean State: Candace Owens Will Tell Minorities To #WalkAway From The Democrat Party


May 21st, 2019 – Due to popular demand, the Rhode Island Young Republicans are proud to announce we will be hosting Candace Owens on September 21, 2019.  


Further information will be made available as event details are finalized.


“This is a big opportunity for the young people of Rhode Island to hear about the Republican message. For too long, there has only been one voice in the debate,” said Rhode Island Young Republican Chairman Matt Martinez. “Candace is bringing a fresh take and attracting new people to our party. As a Hispanic man, I don’t exactly fit the mold of a traditional Republican, but I’m a proud conservative.”


Owens is the founder of the BLEXIT foundation, an organization dedicated to driving conservative principles into urban communities.


Owens exploded onto the scene in the summer of 2017, gaining notoriety through her political vlog series on Youtube. She has since spoken at over 50 American Universities, challenging the leftist status quo and insisting that students think for themselves.


“Owens has been on both sides of the political spectrum, and as such, she can help millennials lost in today’s rhetoric make the right choice… the Republican choice,” continued Martinez.


The Rhode Island Young Republicans admire Owens because she is a modern day political champion. She breaks the molds that past party leaders have told people they need to fit in. This reinforces her message that other minorities need to break away from group think, and walk away from the progressive agenda that keeps them dependent on big government.


With over 250 Fox News appearances over the last year alone, Owens has substantiated herself as a leader among the growing youth conservative movement.  


Prior to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Owens worked at a private equity firm in Manhattan, serving as the Vice President to their administration. She attended the University of Rhode Island and took executive training courses at the NYU Stern School of Business.


Candace views it as her life’s mission to help minority groups escape the Left’s victim narrative.


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Join Rhode Island's fastest-growing political organization on Tuesday, November 21st from 6-8pm! During this event, we would like to keep in mind the people in our state that are most in need. This is why the Rhode Island Young Republicans have teamed up with the local Non-Profit organization Be The Change! Our efforts will help provide food for the homeless and disadvantaged in our state!
Be The Change is a West Warwick based non-profit organization whose goal is to provide help to homeless and impoverished individuals & their families. For more information about this great organization please see the link below.
This event is free however donations are welcome and any money raised will be given to this great organization that has helped thousands of Rhode Islanders.