Continuation of State of the Union Responses

As the day goes on, more of our members have contributed their own responses to President Trump’s first State of the Union address. Below are three more unique perspectives regarding this speech.


Alyson Perry – Vice Chairman of RIYR

*These opinions are my own, and not that of the United States Air Force or my employer

2017 was a true test of the character for the United States of America. We as a nation have seen it all, from hurricanes that caused flooding, to riots in the streets, and to new threats to our homeland. However, one thing remains true. The United States Armed Forces stands ready to fight at a moment notice, and Mr. President truly spoke to that in his first state of the union address last night. In an ever-changing society, our country is facing unimaginable threats. Whether it be terrorist groups or rogue regimes, it has been acknowledged that diplomacy is not always feasible. In FY18, Mr. President has called for full-funding of the United States military. He has asked for Congress to end the “dangerous defense sequester”, a move that will prove wise in the coming months.


Bob Ensign – RI YR National Committeeman

Last night we saw the juggernaut that is Donald Trump.

Inspirational. Tough. Bighearted. Conservative. Bipartisan. A unifier. True to his word. America’s biggest supporter and its best salesman. Man of action.

The array of challenges, issues, threats, and trends facing the US is daunting. Dated and deteriorating domestic infrastructure, a changing economy, an anarchic immigration system, drug epidemics, rising global military threats…the list goes on.

At this critical time what do the Democrats have on offer? A rather thin platform of protest, bankrupt ideology and, at its worst, smug cheerleading of America’s undoing.

President Trump addressed the state of the union head on. In this New American Moment, he called for the country to Reclaim Our Building Heritage and invest in new infrastructure, committed to rebuilding our military, guaranteed comprehensive immigration reform, vowed to lower drug prices and ensure the Right to Try, and showed a flash of bipartisanship in his reach across the aisle and into the heart of purple suburbia in advocating for Paid Family Leave. In making his arguments he often invoked our country’s unique history, with homages to our revolutionary forefathers, and celebrated everyday American heroes as living exemplars of our ideals.

Never before have I said a Trump speech was beautiful. This was. I know because even a Rhode Island progressive was seen welling up during one of the speech’s more moving moments – although, naturally, they protested the existence of such tears.

It was Reagan in ’84 stuff. Listen to the speech on CSPAN and hear it for yourself, unfiltered and sans chyrons.

But alas, congressional Democrats were unmoved. Fresh off a hamfisted government shutdown, the Democrats once again played ready stooge as they sat on their hands and pouted for applause lines that celebrated the basic tenets of the American Dream. Content in the wilderness, they are now digging foxholes.

All Americans are Dreamers, said President Trump, in one of his more memorable lines. Except for the Democrats, who are determined to live their nightmare to the fullest. It’s a dark and damp place. Let’s ensure they never have a chance to drag America down there with them.


Cory Pacheco – RIYR Chief of Staff

I think this was both President and candidate Trump’s best moments yet. I particularly enjoyed the bipartisan pleas on immigration, infrastructure and pharmaceutical policies, as well as the President and First Lady’s outfits, which both showcased colors of unity. His turning point was highlighting the families of the two daughters viciously slain by members of the MS-13 gang.

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