“My red-pill moment form the Left was definitely the Defund the Police nonsense when it first hit,
as anyone with a shred of commonsense knew from the get-go that that was an atrociously bad
idea, as we’ve all seen play out. When I looked into the actual facts and statistics about policecommunity interactions and learned just how much the mainstream media had been blatantly
lying about it and the consequences of this were getting people needlessly killed through lack of
law enforcement presence in their communities as a result of such disinformation campaigns, I
tried to warn my then liberal friends that we were all being grossly deceived, but they had the
gall to tell me that I was the one being deceived/brainwashed. From there, I became curious
and decided to look into what else the MSM had been lying to us about, and it became such a
rabbit hole of never-ending lies and propaganda that it became more of a matter of trying to find
something, anything, that they had been truthful to us about. I’m still looking to this day. What
I’ve learned from all of this is to have enough self-respect for myself to not put up with being lied to constantly because I deserve better treatment than that, like everyone. So beware. Those
who tell you to stay within Plato’s Cave do not have your best interest at heart, intentionally or
not.”- Anonymous Member, Cumberland, RI

If any lesson is more apparent from history, it would be that excessive government does more to trample upon individual liberties than any other organized system. 

For example, the vaccine mandate. Coercing people into making a private medical decision at the expense of their livelihood is excessive, abusive, and immoral. This kept children from school, parents from work, and business owners from serving their community. To push people in this direction shows a sense of disrespect for individual freedoms.

In this realization I determined the Conservative ideals in small limited government was the only way to keep at bay government’s gradual erosion of freedom. It should be our mission to pass onto posterity our liberties undiminished. This conclusion leads me to be a proud conservative. – Stephen Zolnik, Portsmouth, RI